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Creative Designs – Created Couture

One of my favorite quotes is “To be irreplaceable one must always be different.” And that’s why your competition suit and show day package should strive for Unicorn Status. Set yourself apart from the competition with a made to order Shawn’s Couture Cuties suit. All our competition suits are designed with our proprietary Perfect Fit Design® app and constructed with the best fabrics, connectors and eye catching stones available guaranteeing your suit will fit and accentuate every curve on your physique perfectly! And yes (for the record) I don’t believe in off the rack mass production suits that’s like putting a bumper sticker on a Ferrari. You worked hard sculpting your physique, and that deserves to be presented in a one of a kind competition suit made just for you. So I invite you today to park your Ferrari in a one of a kind Shawn’s Couture Cuties Suit and be a Unicorn in a field full of horses.

Creative Design – Creative Couture
Confident Posing & Presence

Confident Posing & Presence

Your posing and presence is a way of communicating to the judges why they should score you favorably amongst your competition, it’s that simple. So give them a good reason to lock their eyes on you by presenting your hard earned physique, so it flatters your frame at its best. And that’s where I can help you rise above the rest. I will help you find your best angles, strongest poses, and stage persona, so you walk on that show day stage with unshakeable confidence armed with winning posing & presence.

Confident Posing & Presence

Glamorous Show Day Glam

Lets get Glam! Put the finishing touches on your show day package with a glam look that is stunning, enhances your beauty and is irresistibly radiant. Make a statement with out saying a word with show day glam that sets you apart.

Shawns Couture Cuties Show Day Glam

3 Reasons I Can help You

I am Qualified, I am Creative, I am Passionate

Who's Shawn?

I Keep it Simple and Real...

If it has to do with a stage or performing in front of a camera I have excelled at it. And if you desire a suit that will be the talk of the show I am the designer you’re looking for. So rather than list a bunch of my accolades (which I have plenty) I will instead make you a simple promise. If you want to shine on stage, at your best, I can help!

What I do?

I Magnify You at Your Best...

One of my favorite quotes is “To be irreplaceable one must always be different.”  Thus I am always pushing myself to create breathtaking Show Day Packages that magnifies my clients at their best. Whether its a suit, posing, or show day glam my goal is simple….to see my clients Shine, Glitter, & Star each time they perform on stage!

Why I do it?

To Help You Reach Your Goal...

We are all born with a purpose and its to serve one another in an impactful way through our work. When I won my IFBB PRO card I was elated. But when you, one of my Cuties does well I cry. Nothing Compares with contributing to another person’s dream and seeing it come to fruition!

How I Design Your Competition Suit



This is where the foundation is set. We meet either in person or via Skype to plan and discuss your competition suit cut, color, and stoning. I welcome your input and together we work on creating a design that will not only look beautiful but frame your physique perfectly.



This is where I implement my proprietary design process. My suit design process is based on my Perfect Fit Design app, a foolproof measurement & design process that guarantees the perfect competition suit fit everytime-guaranteed! I had this app created exclusively for my clients & it makes all the difference-there’s nothing like it.



Here is where the magic happens. I personally create your competition suit providing previews and feedback along the way. This stage is fun, seeing your competition suit and stage presence package evolve is an adrenaline rush for me and it will be for you too! 🙂



Now you’re ready to take on any stage in the country! Remember once a cutie always a cutie, I am here to help you before,during and after your show. So breathe,enjoy and celebrate-because your competition suit and will be a winner a true unicorn in a field full of horses.


Fun Facts

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The Highest Standards,The Happiest Clients

Kim Oddo Top Olympian Coach

“I had the pleasure to speak at Shawns event-Cuties Conquering The Stage, and I can confidently say that her event is one of the best I have attended. Everything was outstanding and delivered in a first-class manner. I had a great time! If you are looking to take your stage presence and posing to championship levels, I recommend attending this event and or hiring Shawn to coach you.”

Kim Oddo Top Olympian Coach

“I had the pleasure to host the Shawn’s Couture Cuties 2016 Cuties Conquering The Stage, and I can say with a very high level of confidence that this event is one of the best and most organized I have ever hosted. Everything was on point from the training to the structure of the event.I had a great time, very well organized and the training was very complete.If you are looking to take your stage presence and posing to championship levels, I recommend attending this event and or hiring Shawn Hektor-Lewis to coach you.”

Ashley Kaltwasser,3X MS.Olympia Bikini Champion

“I thoroughly enjoyed being a part of Shawn’s Cuties Conquering Stage event! It was by far one of the most well-run seminars I’ve ever attended, covering everything from posing, hair and make-up, suit selection, training and nutrition, photo shoots and sponsorship opportunities…even life balance and meditation to keep you mentally in the game! As an IFBB pro in 2 divisions herself, Shawn knows personally what it takes to succeed on stage….and she uses her extensive knowledge and experience to help others not only win awards but enjoy a positive contest experience. I highly recommend her events, presentation coaching, and suit designs for any competitor looking for that competitive edge!

Becky Clawson, IFBB PRO & National Level Judge

“I highly recommend Shawn Hektor-Lewis for that final step in getting stage ready. Whether it is attention to details with posing, finding the right hair or makeup, or confidence walking the stage, Shawn brings the best out in all my clients. Her suits are beautiful, custom-made, one of a kind creation like nothing I have seen before. Returning to stage this year, I am super excited that Shawn will be making my suit!”

Corry Matthews, IFBB PRO, NPC Show Promoter, Max Muscle Store Owner

“ No one can guarantee that you will ever reach your competition goals, and seeing the results of others does not convey rights to you relative to the same outcome; but I will say this– having Shawn Hektor Lewis preparing you for all your stage presence needs increases your odds of reaching your competition goals dramatically, if you’re willing to put in the work. Having Shawn’s direction behind you is like having Tiger Woods as your golf partner. Your chances of winning increase exponentially. There’s no question in my mind that she is one of the best in the business when it comes to preparing your stage presence package. I have collaborated with Shawn for 5 years about everything that has to do with preparing to compete on stage and believe me when I say she is cutting edge and spot on with her advice. I recommend you see for yourself!”

Roxie Beckles IFBB Physique Olympian

Just Some Cuties Conquering The Stage

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