Your walk on stage is going to either repulse or magnetize the judge’s attention.Will they be mesmerized by your confidence and grace, or will they look away in suppressed boredom?

Walking like a supermodel requires lots and lots of practice. Walking in Stilettos is not for the faint of heart and can throw your entire routine off if you feel unsure wearing them. 

You want to avoid staggering across the stage as if you’re trying to balance on stilts.The end goal for you should be to look natural and elegant as you walk across the stage.

Frankly, you not only want to look comfortable in your heels but glide in them, own the stage!

How can you achieve the goal of walking with supermodel grace and flare? 

By practicing, practicing, and more practicing. 🙂

When you’re prepping for bikini or figure competition show, do your housework, laundry and cook your meals in the heels you intend on wearing for your physique show.

It will be a challenge at first, but with consistent practice, you’ll not even notice that you’re wearing heels, and this simple exercise will serve you well.

Remember that first impressions mean everything and your walk is one of the first things the judges lock on and observe.

Have you ever seen a bikini or figure competitor struggle walking in heels?

Ask yourself—what’s the first thing you noticed?  You almost felt sorry for her, right? And that’s not what you’re striving for when you’re on stage.

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To avoid this scenario practice until the routine is second nature and ingrained in muscle memory.

                          Here is Four Tips to Ensure Your Walk is Super Model Stage Ready:

• Put as much weight on your toes as possible so that your walk can be fluid and natural. Doing this minimizes the jiggle and avoids looking like your romping across the stage

• Pull your shoulders back and walk tall. Many bikini and figure competitors jeopardize their chances immediately by slumping their shoulders and looking like they’d rather be anywhere else but on stage.

• Don’t rush through your walk and poses on stage and then make a quick exit as if you’re happy it’s finally over. What was the point of all those months of hard work if you don’t get to showcase yourself correctly? Walk at a good and even pace, control your breath and enjoy the moment!

• Some competitors also make the mistake of looking down as they walk across the stage. Look up and make eye contact with the judges. This is the moment you have worked so hard for, so enjoy it and let the judges know you belong!                                                                      

                                                                      CASE STUDY: ABBY’S STORY

When Abby first came to me for help, she had trained for and competed in Figure competitions for about seven years. Her physique was well conditioned, but she couldn’t understand why she was not placing well.

It soon became apparent to me why Abby never placed well in her competitions.

She worked hard; her training and nutrition was on point. But after completing my first posing consultation with her it became clear it was her stage presence that was holding her back.

Since she was uncomfortable in heels, she rarely wore them, and only did when she had to. And this was typically on the day of the competition.

Her version of the model walk was to stagger across the stage, rushing through it as quickly as she could like she was walking on hot coals at a Tony Robbins event.

You could tell how uncomfortable she was with the stressed look on her face as she was thinking her way through her steps.

I recorded her walk, and when we watched it together, Abby could see that her discomfort showed on her face and that her walk was contrived.

All along, she thought she handled her dislike of heels pretty well but the video never lies.

We diligently worked on her walk and stage presence and needless to say, Abby started to see the results of all her work pay off.

NOTE: I also helped Abby with her body language and poise. Here is an article that may be helpful for you as well:

The #1 Secret to Super Star Stage Presence

In short her results improved leading up to winning her first overall title.

Don’t underestimate the importance of your walk and overall stage presence as it relates to your overall success especially when competing in national level shows.

When you’re on stage amongst well-conditioned competitors, it could be the only thing that’s coming between you and the success you deserve.


Walk around the house in your heels. Perform your daily activities at home in your heels.

Swap out your show day 5-inch heels for 4-inch heels that will make a huge difference.

Walking daily in your stage heels will condition your body to them and in due time you will feel as comfortable in heels as you do wearing tennis shoes. A simple tip but it works!

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