Is it a Physique Competition or a Beauty Contest? I am sure you have heard that debate many times.

I always say, when in doubt let the judges criteria direct you.

And here is what the judges rule book states:

General Assessment: this is that first impression; confidence, charisma, eye-catching – wow factor.

Makeup & Hair: they look for complementing makeup and smooth, shiny, healthy looking hair.

Skin Tone: they look for an even, complimenting, dark tan that accents the muscle definition.

The fact remains, tan, hair and makeup plays a significant part in the judging criteria and achieving that general assessment (the wow factor judges are looking for).

And this assessment criteria is not only for Bikini and Figure Competitors but Women’s Physique as well.

You need to prepare these areas with the same level of focus and attention that you give to every other part of your preparation.

When you are off on your tan, make-up and hair, it will detract significantly from your overall stage presence package.

Short-cutting this area of your stage presence package is the equivalent of applying yourself for an entire semester of school and blowing off the final exam.

The following are some super easy tips for nailing down your beauty flow- a beautiful tan, healthy hair, and beauty enhancing make-up.

Let’s talk tan…

Simply having the right tan can make an average physique appear so much better, and conversely the wrong tan can make a good physique look average.

Trying to nail your tan by yourself will more times than not result in an unfortunate outcome.

I always suggest using a licensed stage tanning company that understand the dynamics of producing a nice dark healthy tan.

In short, do not let yourself get fooled by cheap and fast tanning alternatives.

The fact is perfecting your tan takes months of planning and skin prep and no last minute hack job is going to replace that.

Ladies, green does not look good on stage, and that is what typically happens when you go cheap or solo.


A stage tan is NOT the same thing as a regular spray tan that you buy at a tanning salon or off the shelf.

A stage tan applied by a professional company will provide a much richer and darker result.

When it comes to tanning products and businesses, I always recommend Liquid Sun Rayz.

What about makeup?

Your makeup is not an island to itself but a piece of the whole and should accent your look not dominate it.

The wrong makeup application can make or break you by detracting from the physique rather than complimenting it.

Makeup should tie it all together and needs serve as an accent to your suit, hair and skin tone.

If your makeup is too light, you will look washed out, and if too dark you will look muddy and ten years older.

Moreover, if you use the wrong color palettes and shades, you may be mistaken for circus performer. 🙂

Now for the hair…

Now regarding your hair, make sure you are paying attention and nurturing it months in advance.

The lights are brutal and stress the hair, so you need to be extra vigilant with the care. Hair that is flat, frizzy or damaged detract from your overall look.

There is no need to try to go fancy here, healthy and bouncing is what you should always strive to achieve.

Stay away from exotic hair ups and styles.Especially if you do not feel confident doing these things yourself.

Even if you have the slightest apprehension, hire a professional make-up artist and hair stylist with qualified skill sets.

I cannot say this enough, but stage make-up, tanning, and up-dos is very different from the everyday application so when in doubt reach out to a pro.

Finally, remember when you are competing in a physique competition, there is a particular part of it that is similar to a pageant.

Although some of us do not agree with it, the fact remains that it is, AND you will be judged accordingly so rather than complain about it embrace it and prepare accordingly.

Shawns Winning Tip –

Adopt a stage beauty style that is modern, pared down and realistic.

When preparing for the stage I always default to makeup that is super wearable, long-lasting, and easy to apply.

If you have a dynamic makeup look and need some last minute touch-up, it will be challenging to blend it all in and make it look polished.

Makeup should always be about a face that is pretty not because it is entirely painted or artfully covered up but because it is smooth, natural and healthy looking. That goes for your hair and tan as well.

Smooth, natural and healthy does not happen the day of the show by caking on the make-up but in a daily regimen of caring for your skin and hair.

Also, do not venture into products that mask or disguise your natural good looks, ethnicity or skin tone but rather ones that enhance it.

It is my experience when competitors try to get too fancy with make-up and hair styles, they end up looking unnatural and it hurts their overall appearance.

It is all about balance and harmony.

Which means when a judge looks at you and states, “I cannot put my finger on it, but competitor # 1 just has IT together”.

When you hear a statement like that, you can feel comfortable that you nailed your overall stage presence and beauty flow.

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