Having a vision of what you would like to achieve as a physique competitor is one of the best things you can do before you embark on your competition journey.

Your vision will provide you with a driving force, a purpose, to pull you through the tough days when prepping for a show.

For your vision to be effective, it needs to be distinct and clear. You should be able to distil it down to one overriding message that inspires action when the last thing you want to do is take action.

An authentic vision requires deep soul searching and when found should touch your heart.

When your emotionally driven by your vision, it has the strength to overcome the ups and downs any endeavor presents.

And when you have a clear vision, you are creating a picture of something you want to achieve in the future.

Then once you have that picture firmly in mind, you can work backward, identifying process goals to actualize the result you are striving to achieve.

Note: You can find more information on how to develop empowering rituals/habits around your vision and purpose HERE.

When I work with a client, the conversation eventually leads to, “Why they are entering a competition?”

Most of my clients will quickly respond, “I think it will be fun”. Alternatively I also hear, “I want to get in shape or challenge myself”.

In reality, those answers are platitudes with no real purpose behind it.

They are similar to age old adages like I want to be rich, successful or own a nice car.

These statements are more or less reflex responses and typically carry no staying power when your plan hits a rough patch—which at some point it probably will. (just being real)

When I started to compete in Physique Competitions, I struggled with balancing the time commitment between preparing for a show and family life.

I wanted the commitment I was making to preparing for my Figure Competitions to benefit not just me but my entire family.

With some deep soul searching, I carved out the following vision statement ( here is a small excerpt).

“I commit to working hard not only for myself but for the people I love and respect.

I affirm the time dedicated to this sport and away from my family will not just serve me but the ones I love.

For in the process of achieving my personal goals, I will also better my family”.

The next step was to distil the vision statement down to a short, powerful statement that I could quickly pull up in my mind at any time.

“If I cheat me, I cheat my family.”

Do you see how that statement is more powerful than I think it will be fun?

I continually repeat to myself “If I cheat me I cheat my family”.

This incantation is repeated as I am weighing my food, executing that last rep in a set of squats or when struggling with the multitude of day to day challenges.

In essence, the daily steps I take each day in route to a preparing for a show is held to a higher standard I refuse to shortchange.

Now imagine going through the process of prepping for a show saying “I think it will be fun” as you face doing that last squat rep all while your quads are screaming no more ….Ha!

Do you see the difference a compelling well thought out vision statement makes?

Try it and see for yourself how powerful it can be and the difference it makes in your day to day preparation.

Questions? Comments? Did you find this post helpful? Let me know in the comments section.Thanks!

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