I recently had a conversation with a new client who is preparing for her first bikini competition. 

Naturally she was nervous and had a lot of questions ranging from her competition suit, stage presence and of course posing.

We have all been there, so I understood her apprehension and did my best to alleviate her concerns.

Then she asked me the all encompassing question…..

                                            What part of preparing for a show is the most important?

My answer had nothing to do with bikini competition suits, show prep or stage presence but rather with having a healthy mind and spirit.

Here is what I told my client to focus on first….

In my opinion, a big part of achieving your highest aspirations as a physique competitor as well as in life starts with having a healthy mindset and unyielding spirit.

And developing a healthy mindset and unyielding spirit is no different than developing a fit and conditioned physique. 

You have to commit to working on it day in and day out by creating a ritual that will develop these areas the same way you would your body.

There is no greater gift you can give yourself than to commit to conditioning your mind and spirit with daily inspiration, motivation, and gratitude.

And the great part about it is that it only takes 15 minutes a day first thing in the morning, and you are all set! 

Your morning ritual sets the tone for the rest of your day, so it’s imperative to that you begin with a morning ritual that sets you up for success!

                                             I call it my 15 minutes to thrive! (Thank you Tony Robbins)

In the video below Tony Robbins discuss the importance of conditioning your mind through rituals that empower you.

He shows you how to tap into the parts of you that will drive you to greater heights and levels of fulfillment simply by changing your focus and rituals.

My 15 minutes to thrive begins as soon as I wake up. I immediately go into my morning ritual, conditioning my mind and spirit for an excellent day.

During this uninterrupted time, I flood myself with positive thoughts, feelings of gratitude and finish up by reviewing inspirational quotes.

I am typically walking outside as I go through my 15 minutes to thrive.

I start by focusing on all the things in my life that are good and great. 

Then I review some of the goals I want to achieve based off of my purpose driven vision and give thanks for them as if I already achieved them.

You can learn how I create my purpose driven vision here How to Put Your Competition Prep on Rocket Fuel.

Finally, I will stop at a favorite spot of mine and review some inspirational material on my phone and then begin my morning cardio.

Commit to this morning ritual, it works, AND the more consistent you become with this process the more unstoppable you will feel!

Give it a shot and experience how your body fills up with awesome feeling endorphins and before you know it 15 minutes turns into 30 leading to a success habit you will never want to relinquish.

No different than your body, what you put into your mind affects not only how you feel but how you will deal with the day to day challenges that you will inevitably confront including preparing for a physique competition.

So set your mind up for success by setting aside 15 minutes every morning to set the tone and prepare to make every day your best!

Lets Start With Some of my Favorite Inspirational Quotes

Below is a slide share deck of 33 Personal Development Quotes to provide you with some Monday Morning Motivation!

Review them, It only takes a few minutes, try it, and I promise you it will shake off some of those Monday morning blues. Enjoy!

 Questions? Comments? Did you find this post helpful? Let me know in the comments section.Thanks!

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