Over the years of competing and now coaching, I have witnessed some great ladies ascend through our sport and evolve from timid souls to unstoppable superwomen.

I have seen these women ignite this transformation simply by making a DECISION to compete in a physique competition and to invest 100% of themselves into the hunt for who they have not yet become.

When you make the decision to compete as a physique competitor and commit 100% to the process of preparing for a show a character transformation takes place that trumps any physical transformation.

NOTE: Here is an article to help launch your competition prep in the right direction

In fact, I believe that the greatest reward you will ever receive from our sport is not the trophies, accolades, pats on the back or even the thrill of looking amazing  in your beautiful bikini and figure competition suits.

The real reward, the one that sticks with you long after the excitement of the show dissolves into the ether lies in the person you will inevitably become. The person who grows stronger every day by confronting and conquering the daily trials and tribulations you will face as a competitor.

The rewards I am talking about are character qualities, the intangibles that grow organically as a byproduct of the competition preparation process.

As you grow in the sport, you will come to find that the mere process of competition preparation stirs up conditions inside you that over time will turn you from a doubting Thomas into unstoppable superwomen!

I can assure you that the inner qualities that you will develop through our sport is the greatest benefit you will receive from competing. Benefits that will stay with you long after you hang up your competition suit and heels!

Do You Want SUPERWOMEN Character?

Below are just a few of the intangible qualities that naturally manifest as you embark on your journey as a physique competitor:

Self-reliance-When you win, it is because you did it. No one else can take your shine and conversely there is no one else to blame. Yes you have trainers and coaches but you did the work and in the process developed the self-reliance to every-day put in the focused effort to prepare.


Determination-In, today’s microwave society things, are provided to us in an instant, click and presto whatever you need are at your fingertips. However, as a physique competitor that doesn’t work so readily. Our sport puts us in situations where you have to wake up every day and put in the work, really dig in and fight to reap the rewards. Building lean muscle and conditioning does not respond to click-click presto but to grinding day in and day out on your physique like a jeweler grinds on a diamond to find its brilliance. Sometimes this process can go on for months without any change at all. However, you persist and develop the determination to keep going. You never quit!


Integrity-In every show there will be a winner and loser. Although losing at a team sport is naturally disappointing it is different for a physique competitor. In my experience, it’s just more personal. As a physique competitor, we have to learn how to lose gracefully and with integrity. More importantly, we understand how to put the defeats behind us and to begin working hard to improve for the next show. We approach failure as part of the growing process, and that takes integrity. You do the right things everyday even when others are not watching.


Focus under pressure-Let’s face it, walking on stage in a skimpy competition suit when the lights are bright, and all eyes on you takes courage. However, to make it look effortless and natural takes an unwavering focus under pressure. To be able to perform under those conditions and not appear rehearsed only comes from knowing how to focus and perform under pressure.


Persistence-Chances are if you have been competing for any length time you are you are going to experience more defeats than wins. It is just the nature of our sport. Some of you will experience success sooner than others, but all of us will at some point look back and realise we swallowed more crow than we would like. To be able to deal with this level of failure and keep going year after year builds iron-clad persistence.


Self-confidence – You develop confidence through accomplishing difficult challenges and by stretching outside your comfort zone. Acknowledgement from others is great and gives self-confidence a shot in the arm, but it is fleeting. However, when you master your physique and all the things that accompany that process your real confidence grows in lock-step and thats when your spirit soars and the possibilities are only as endless as your imagination.


Self-Discipline-None of the above  character traits develop with-out discipline. One of my favorite quotes is by Jim Rohn:“In life we all must suffer one of two pains: The pain of regret or the pain of discipline. Discipline weighs ounces and regrets weigh pounds”. I remember reading that quote over and over as I was preparing for my very first figure competition and it drove me to focus on the work. And today 25 shows later and competing as a bikini competitor I still review it. Why?  As a competitor you must understand that dreams dont work unless you do and hence you must be driven to work in a discplined manner if you wish to see your dreams realized.

Yes, you have superwomen character, and it’s getting stronger each day!

No matter if you’re prepping for your first physique show or have done 100. The above qualities build stronger every day, month and year you push yourself to take another step, rep, or bite of bland, dry food.  

So the next time you are lacing up your shoes for a cardio session groaning about why you do what you do. Or maybe your day is falling apart around you, and you just can’t see why you are making the effort then remember this:

Sometimes good things fall apart so great things can come together. And that’s the process you will experience as you grow as a physique competitor.

You will discover that who you become in the process of sticking to your competition plan is so much more than you could ever imagine eventually transforming you into an unstoppable Superwomen!  

 The Superwomen Credo-Repeat After Me:

“Today I can proudly state I am a self-reliant, determined, laser focused SUPERWOMEN with UNSTOPPABLE self-confidence and persistence BUILT on a foundation of integrity and self-discipline. I rule my mind my mind does not rule me! “  🙂

Questions? Comments? Did you find this post helpful? Let me know in the comments section.Thanks!

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