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Bikini Athlete-Rebekah Kathleen Clementson

Shawn’s Couture Cuties Delivers Winning Results in Europa Fitness Model Competition

“Shawn is such an amazing person, and she truly invests in all of her clients. She wants them to shine on stage, and I couldn’t have achieved my goals without her.” – Rebekah Kathleen Clementson, client, Shawn’s Couture Cuties

Written By: Nicole Colwell

Rebekah’s Profile

Rebekah Kathleen Clementson had big dreams and goals for her life. She wanted to be full-time in fitness, and her list of desires was growing by the day. More than anything, she wanted to be an IFBB Pro, a sponsored athlete, a model and a writer. She trusted God to open the appropriate doors for her, and embarked upon a year of training with Team Bombshell in June of 2013. During that time, she did not participate in any competitions, which was something she truly regretted. As a result, she decided to enter the Fall 2014 Max Muscle show, which began an incredible journey into making some amazing strides toward her goals.

Rebekah’s Challenge

Rebekah utilized the plans she had used in training with Team Bombshell, and she worked with a local coach to develop her poses. While she took 8th place in the Novice class, she did not place in the Open. Rebekah states, “I absolutely loved every aspect of training, prepping and achieving the goal of going on stage with my best self.” Now, Rebekah had a new goal, and what she needed to do was very clear. She rejoined Team Bombshell and once again, began working with her coach, IFBB Pro, Genn Strobo. Rebekah, with Genn’s coaching, decided to compete in the Spring 2015 Max Muscle show. Rebekah brought her best physique package to stage although she was still using her Novice sequin bikini competition suit and did her own stage hair and makeup. 

Rebekah did not place in that competition, but not all was lost, she was able to earn a sponsorship and even get published.Although she experienced some success, her desire was to place, and in order to reach her goals, she knew she would need to make some changes.

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Rebekah’s Journey

Rebekah had been using the same Novice suit for both shows. Although she knew she was bringing her best to the stage, she strived to redefine her stage presence and supersede even her own expectations for herself.

Rebekah and Genn chose a new show to train for, which was the Europa Games in Atlantic City. This particular show would take place in the fall of 2015, which gave Rebekah the entire summer to train to improve her physique. It also allotted her time to create her competition strategy for her new look. The winner of the Gaspari Fitness Model Search would receive a free flight to Phoenix, Arizona to compete in the finals. If Rebekah won at the finals, she would win a Camaro.

It had been a long, yet rewarding two years. However, Rebekah was confident that with the right tools and support, she would overcome all obstacles and embrace victory at the Europa Games.

Rebekah Milan-Shawn's Couture Cuties

Rebekah’s Discovery

Rebekah heard about Shawn’s Couture Cuties from her friend, Katie Carroll. According to Katie, Shawn took a unique approach to creating competition suits for her clients. Katie Stated that “Unlike other designers, Shawn’s goal was to personalize each Competition suit according to that individual’s Unique Champion Style. Rebekah decided to hire Shawn to create a custom suit for the Atlantic City Show with high hopes that it would make a difference.

Rebekah had to admit that her Novice bikini competition suit was very plain. She was eager to see what I would come up with, and when she did see my design, she was blown away. “The suit fit me so well and it made a big difference in how I looked compared to my plain suit. I was really impressed with the unique design Shawn created for my top, which helped to create all the right curves.”

Rebekah felt very confident in Shawn because she was an IFBB Pro competitor, and she knew what the judges would be looking for during the competition. Moreover, a week prior to the show, Rebekah did a photo shoot with Costa photography, and she hired Shawn to do her hair and makeup for the shoot. Once again, Rebekah was astounded by the results. On a whim, she asked Shawn if she would be available the following week to do her hair and makeup for the Europa show. Shawn was available, and she even stayed to watch and take pictures of Rebekah during the show.

Rebekah’s experience in Atlantic City was one that she will never forget. The suit combined with Shawn’s expertise with hair and makeup made an incredible difference in Rebekah’s presentation. It was evident that Shawn had tapped into Rebekah’s Unique Champion Style, and the result was a level of confidence and excellence that Rebekah had ever experienced before. She states, “Everything Shawn did for me really enhanced all of the hard work I put in training all summer for the show.”

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Rebekah’s Result

For Rebekah, the Atlantic City show was simply amazing. Because of Shawn’s tireless efforts in creating her stunning new look, she placed 4th in the NPC Bikini show, and she WON the Fitness Model Competition. Also, she was picked to be on the cover of the October issue of Shesique Magazine as an athlete spotlight. 

“One of my favorite quotes from Shawn is, ‘You shine brightest when you are reflecting the light of others.’” Rebekah says. “I think that really defines Shawn’s Couture Cuties. She really wants her clients to look and feel their absolute best on stage. I really trusted her and I’m so appreciative that I found her!”

Rebekah is well on her way toward achieving her goals, and she has high praise for Shawn’s dedicated work and expertise. In October, she plans to go to Phoenix to compete in the Europa Games for the NPC Bikini and the Fitness Model Competition finals. She plans to wear Shawn’s suit once again, and Shawn will be on hand to do her hair and makeup.

In addition to becoming a sponsored athlete by Nutrition53 and Delfin Spa, Rebekah has been a cover model for Shesique and a published writer for FitnessRXwomen. She also started working on a book with Bill Romanowski, CEO of Nutrition53, called A 12-Week Lifestyle Transformation. She hopes to inspire others to transform their lives by creating workout plans and healthy meal plans through this project. Her first book, Progress not Perfection, is the first in a series of fitness-inspired Bible stories, and it will be published in the very near future.

Rebekah Milan-Shawn's Couture Cutie

“I am so blessed to know Shawn. I’m thankful for all she has done for me, and I’m excited to see what the future has in store.” – Rebekah Kathleen Clementson, client, Shawn’s Couture Cuties

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