Shawn’s Couture Cuties Delivers Again Helping NPC Bikini Athlete Erica Cormier Conquer The Stage!Today No Stage is To Bright For This Bikini Beauty!

 Erica’s Stage Presence Transformation

“I actually turned to Shawn right away because a friend spoke so highly of her.  She was described as my “one stop shop”  after your nutrition and training,  THEY WERE RIGHT! I would honestly give up everything else and go at it alone just to keep Shawn if I had to give up coaches.  It would be hard as they are all amazing but she is such a wealth of knowledge on so many levels, I could NOT do this without her and wouldn’t want to!”

“The first night I met Shawn at her home I was immediately excited for this journey, I was so amazed at everything she knew and was ready to teach me. She was impressive, to say the least, but her humble, kind, sincere and honest ways were outstanding! I never felt bad about myself for not knowing what I was doing and, believe me, I did not! She was so positive in her remarks that I never felt flawed.  Imagine stepping on her at home stage, not know anything about posing, transitioning, walking with 5 inch heels, etc and leaving feeling empowered, alive and excited for the big day. That in itself was awesome!”

NPC Bikini Athlete Erica Cormier could not be more excited to tell the world about how Shawn has transformed her career in bikini competitions and her life. Erica has always been a competitive person; she was a natural athlete who has taken part in competitive athletics since she was young. As she got older her athletic outlet became running. She was always interested in staying fit and would use running competitions to help motivate her to stay on track. She competed in one half marathons to fulfill her need to have something to push her to keep up with her diet and overall physical fitness. Although she found some fulfillment from running and it helped maintain a high level of fitness, she believed something was missing.

Erica’s Journey

With her fortieth birthday looming in the near future, Erica realized that she had a desire to break new ground and “do something I had never done, something that was bigger than me!” This was when she started to get interested in bikini competitions. During this period, a friend introduced her to Shawn, and there was an instant connection. She was floored by Shawn’s grasp of the state of the sport and soon recognized that “she is such a wealth of knowledge on so many levels.” However, she was unsure that she could be successful, even with Shawn’s help, because she had decided to take the sport up later than most competitors.

Erica’s Solution

Erica was dying to compete but found the other competitors intimidating because most of them were younger and they all had more experience. Shawn was determined to help Erica get over this fear and to see the talent she had buried under her insecurities. She designed Erica a beautiful custom bikini that fits her precisely and even consulted with her on hair and makeup to match perfectly. The suit and Shawn’s consultation gave Erica an edge, but deep inside she knew that something was still missing.

After a few month of training, she started to get down on herself because she did not understand what was holding her back after getting a beautiful suit and pro level coaching. Shawn encouraged her to stay positive and assured her that she was doing well for someone who had taken up the sport so late in life. Even with an expert’s guidance, serious results take time.

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The Implementation

The truth is that this is a highly competitive sport. The margin that divides winners from the pack, at the highest levels, is very thin. For this reason, time and again, those who see the largest improvements under Shawn’s guidance are the competitors that work on the finer details. This includes the art of posing, stage presence, and other important but often overlooked points of competition. These aspects are almost impossible for the athlete to fine-tune on their own.

For Erica Shawn had to do what most clients need most, delve deep into the fundamentals of competition. She showed Erica video of the most successful competitors, and soon Erica understood that “stage presence is so important as a competitor.” This revelation allowed her to see competition in a new light, which encouraged her work on the finer points of her overall demonstration.

After Erica learned the correct way to pose and got her body into championship form, she still had struggles. As she recalled: “One of my biggest issues on stage was looking comfortable.” She would turn to her coach in frustration and Shawn would have to remind her that: “Even the best bodies fail on stage because they are not presenting themselves in a way the judges can see all their hard work pay off.”

Erica surprised herself with how well she performed at her first show under Shawn’s tutelage, but something was still not right. Her nervousness bled through her performance, and her stage presence suffered as a result. She needed more. After working with her for several months, Erica recalls how Shawn made sure that she was ready to compete at the peak of her abilities.

“For every show Shawn has made my bikini competition suit, she has coached me on all posing, she’s  glammed me up with competition hair and makeup and has shown up to cheer me on and make sure I presented the best package I had to offer.  On stage presence is so important as a competitor. She told me time and time again, that just because your body is ready, you HAVE to nail it on stage! Even the best bodies fail on stage because they’re not presenting themselves in a way the judges can see all their hard work pay off. Shawn does that, she makes sure you are READY!”

Erica’s Results

In her second show, she began to see some serious improvement and that encouraged her to push even harder to strengthen the little aspects that still needed to get better. Her third show was a huge breakthrough. Erica excitedly recounts what happened: “I looked fluid in my transitions, my poses were solid, I smiled, I had more contact with the judges, I walked with more confidence, and I looked like I belonged up there with everyone else. I cannot put into words how awesome that felt!” At the end of this experience, Erica realized the most important thing about working with Shawn: “I could NOT do this without her and wouldn’t want to.”

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The Recap

Why did Erica see so much improvement over the course of just a few competitions? No doubt her dedication and increased efforts played a major role, but she is quick to add that Shawn made the biggest difference. Erica worked with her weekly until she could hear Shawn’s voice in her head and as she described: “it became part of me, it felt natural, I felt so strong, beautiful and confident.” When she started to experience the success she had worked hard to attain she realized that she could not “imagine ever doing this without her.”

Shawn was able to unlock her abilities and Erica is eternally grateful. However, the most important part that she took away from this experience was bigger than the sport. As she said: “Who knows how far I will take this but the confidence and strength she has taught me will stay with me forever, I assure you!”

“Because of all my hard work and Shawn’s expect advice and critiques I nailed it. I came, I posed, I conquered that stage! I heard her voice in my head the entire time and because I worked with her weekly it became part of me, it felt natural, I felt so strong, beautiful and confident.”

“I can’t imagine ever doing this without her. I’m actually signed up for a show in my hometown and I know she can’t be there in person but she will be there on the stage with me. I will work hard once again  with her and I will beat something bigger than me! I’ve told people all along that I’ve met some of the most genuine, kind, and empowering people through my journey and Shawn is right up there as someone I am beyond grateful to have met.  Who knows how far I will take this but the confidence and strength she has taught me will stay with me forever I assure you!”

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