Shawn’s Couture Cuties Strikes Again-Helping NPC Bikini Athlete Christie Bailey and Future Surefire PRO Conquer The Stage!  

NPC Bikini Athlete Christie Bailey found inspiration in the world of fitness and soon found herself hooked to strength training and nutrition. However, she did not want to stop just there and soon she wanted to participate in NPC Bikini Competitions. During her search for a coach, she met Shawn, who helped transform her career. She finds contentment and a sense of gratification from being able to achieve a physique that only used to be a dream a few years ago.

Christie’s Stage Presence Transformation

Christie’s Journey

Three years ago, NPC Bikini Athlete Christie Bailey found inspiration from a lifting and nutrition book for women. The book inspired her to bring about a drastic lifestyle change and the more she read, the more she wanted to be a part of the fitness world. She was inspired to learn more with constant research, and soon she became an expert in fitness and nutrition. She started to work hard towards the body she always dreamed of.

Once she was hooked, there was no turning back, and soon she found out that fitness was not just about feeling proud when looking at yourself in the mirror, but it also builds confidence and inner strength.On her fitness journey, Christie found the qualities she built not only expedited her career in fitness but are also reflected in her life.

During her first year of serious lifting, Christie came across NPC Bikini Competitions on social media. She started looking into the competition and the more she researched, the more she wanted to be a part of it. She wanted someone to coach her for an upcoming competition, but being in Europe, she could not find someone qualified to work with. Then upon her return to Washington D.C., two years later, she continued her search for coaches. She met Corry Matthews, a nutrition coach who then introduced her to Shawn.

Christie’s Discovery

“I was so lucky to find Shawn. Before meeting her, I thought I had some idea of how much attention to detail was required to do well on the stage. But after I began working with her, I began to see how in order to win, every single detail mattered.”

Christie found Shawn’s expertise extremely helpful. Stage competition is not merely showing up for it, but there are many details that need to be put together, and this is where Shawn comes in. She takes these minor details into consideration, which could essentially make or break the competition results for the competitor. Christie claims that even though Shawn taught her everything in the context of what it takes to compete at a high level, she finds her advice helpful in life as well.

“Shawn showed me that success is only won and deserved when you have not only put in the time and the effort but when you pay attention to the details, it helps you stand out from your competition.”

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Christie’s Solution

Christie could not wait to participate in her first competition, but at the same time, she did not feel confident enough to take command of the stage. This is the reason why Christie sought the help of Shawn, especially for stage presence & posing. They met about once or twice a month before her competition, and Shawn helped Christie hone her stage presence skills by working on every minor detail that would help her be successful.

Shawn also designed an amazing Couture Bikini customized to her personal style and physique measurements. On the day of the competition, Shawn even glammed Christie up by styling her hair and applying her makeup, being the complete stage presence coach that she is.

“I remember one moment, in particular; it was a suit fitting/posing session about a month before the show. Shawn was helping me with my posing, and I looked in the mirror – and at that moment, I finally saw the vision of myself as a NPC Bikini Competitor as a reality. My physique was starting to really show, and the suit had its finishing touches in place – I actually looked like those competitors that I had spent years admiring and looking up to. And Shawn helped me achieve that.”

The best part about having Shawn as a coach is she helps her clients bring out the best in them. The more she works with her clients, the higher their confidence soars, and as Shawn will attest to, when commanding a stage confidence is the foundation.

This is exactly what Christie experienced with Shawn. She was already an excellent competitor. It is just the little rough stage presence edges that had to be smoothed out and the added confidence that came with the process that made a measurable difference for her.

Christie’s Action Plan

Since Bikini Physique Competitions are fierce and highly competitive, Shawn provides her clients with the necessary tools which put them on the road to success. The first thing Christie worked on with the help of Shawn is her Bikini Competition Stage Presence. When you master your stage presence, everything else automatically falls in line.

By learning the correct way to hit Bikini Poses, she was able to show off the hard work she had put into her physique.As the competition loomed closer, Shawn started to spend more time coaching Christie. The fitting of her bikini was perfected, and all remaining stage presence wrinkles were ironed out.

“Shawn made sure everything was taken care of, that I felt confident and ready, and she supported me unconditionally whenever I needed her. She’s fantastic – trust her and trust the process.”

Christie’s Result

NPC Bikini Athlete Christie Bailey Wins The Overall Title at The NPC Max Muscle

NPC Bikini Athlete Christie Bailey-Overall Max Muscle Winner

With Shawn’s help, Christie competed in the 2015 Max Muscle Show. Shawn’s guidance helped her stand out from the rest of the competitors, and she successfully won both classes and overall titles. Christie found her experience with Shawn so eye opening and compelling that she can’t imagine ever taking the stage without her coaching. Today, Christie cannot wait to work with Shawn again for her next competition JR. USA, where she will be vying for her pro card.

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The Recap

Shawn was not only Christie’s coach but also her mentor. She truly cares about the success of her clients and puts in a lot of effort to make sure they become successful in their fitness careers.

“To me, Shawn embodies a strong, independent and successful woman who not only cares about her clients but is dedicated to their success.”

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