If you’re prepping for your first NPC competition, you’re no doubt both excited and nervous to get on stage and show the world all of your hard work and dedication to fitness. Of course, if you want to do well in a competition, you need to do a bit more than just train and focus on your nutrition – you need to really wow the judges with your stage presence!

Take a look at the most popular and successful NPC competitors who turned PRO – ladies like Bianca Berry, who took first place in the 2016 South Carolina Grand Prix, as well as our own successful athletes like Danyelle Mastarone and Samantha Towe. When you see them on stage, you see an incredible presence that demands attention and respect.

And, believe it or not, none of these ladies were born with that poise and self-confidence. Not only that, but they all had to put in hours of stage presence work to learn their poses and develop the right angles to show off their hard-earned physique.

Every single successful NPC athlete you see on stage has one thing in common – each and every one of them has a stage presence coach helping them with all of the finishing touches needed to create the perfect look on stage.

As an athlete, you know what it means to put in the time, energy, and effort to prepare for an NPC competition, and you want to really make an impression on the judges.

If you want to be more than a participant, you need an outstanding stage presence coach in your corner, but there are a lot of coaches out there – how do you choose the one who’s right for you?

Follow a few simple tips, and you’ll have the tools and info you need to find the perfect coach to help you get the results you want.

Your Coach Listens to Your Goals

First, before you choose a coach, it’s incredibly important to know your goals. What kind of competition are you prepping for? Do you hope to earn your pro card in your first competition? Are you training to make it to a large national competition?

A good coach will not just give you some blocking or choreography and a list of poses to practice. She’ll actually listen to your goals and create a program for you that is specifically tailored to help you get where you want to be.

One of the things that I specialize in is building confidence in my athletes.I believe confidence is the foundation of a successful stage presence package. So, if you’re nervous, or you aren’t sure about your progress and preparation, you can talk to me about your areas of concern. I’ll listen to you and help you overcome your fears and self-doubt so that you can feel more confident in yourself both on and off the stage.

A Coach Who Doesn’t Charge Rock-Bottom Prices

This one might seem odd, but it’s actually really important. You don’t want to choose your stage presence coach based solely on pricing. If you do, you’re likely to get what you paid for – which won’t be much!

While your budget is definitely important, you should first take a look at what’s included with a coach’s fees. For example, how often will they meet with you for stage presence coaching running up to the competition?

Is that the only service they offer? Having a stage presence coach that can design a couture suit to accentuate your physiques strengths and provide stage makeup and hair services is a huge plus.

A stage presence coach with an artistic eye can quickly know what kind of suit cut and design to put you in and what makeup application and hairstyle will work best for you.

So ask the coach you are considering on hiring… can they design (not outsource) a custom suit for you that fits your physique in a manner that highlights your strengths while minimizing your weaknesses?

Can your stage presence coach apply your makeup or in the least show you how to?

How about hair styles? Can they style your hair?

The Golden Rule–This Hiring Rule Will Never Let You Down!

Another point to look out for is to verify if the stage presence coach you are considering is a leader in the physique community.

Do they coach at regional and national posing events?

Do they sponsor their own events that other competitors pay to attend?

Do they have a studio and organized business model built around the coaching?

If  the stage presence coach you are considering fits that criteria you can feel comfortable that you have made a good choice!

Gary Udit Posing Clinic With Shawn Hektor Lewis

Shawn Coaching At Gary Udit’s Posing Clinic

The 2016 Cuties Conquering The Stage Event

Shawn, Ashley & Becky Hosting 2016 Cuties Conquering The Stage

Shawn,Ashley & Becky Hosting The 2016 Cuties Conquering The Stage Event

Many coaches that charge low fees do not take a holistic approach to preparing your stage presence package which can hurt your chances of looking your best on show day.If you are using and getting advice from multiple vendors and people to develop your stage presence package it can create a very disjointed look.

When you go with a winning coach, you can be sure that they will be upfront about their fees and that they’ll include everything you need to prepare to shine when you walk onto the stage. Whether this is your first competition or your 100th, you can count on their coaching to help you excel in every area of your stage presence.

 Has a History of Coaching Successful Athletes

Unfortunately, anyone can claim to be a great stage presence coach, but claims don’t win competitions.

If you’re considering a coach, take a look at other athletes who’ve worked with them. If they are a great coach, they will have a history of coaching athletes who win competitions. Or are improving each time they walk on stage.

For example, when I first started working with Christie Bailey, she was unsure of herself and her ability to compete. She wanted to be an NPC Bikini competitor, and she’d worked hard to dramatically transform her body, but she still wasn’t totally sure that she had what it would take to compete and win.

I spent quite a bit of time working on her stage presence and posing with her, designed a couture competition suit for her, applied her makeup and styled her hair.

And Christie didn’t just compete – she won her first competition and earned her pro card the very first time she stepped on a pro qualifier stage!

Nothing in the world speaks louder than results, and Christie isn’t the only amazing athlete that I’ve had the pleasure of coaching to completely dazzle judges in competitions.

If you’re thinking about hiring a coach and they can’t point to a list of athletes they coached to success, it’s time to move on to one who has the background, experience, and expertise to take athletes to victory.

Get a Coach Who Will Take You to Victory

You’ve done all the hard training and meal prep. You’ve put in the hours at the gym. You’ve made sacrifices, and you’ve powered through times when you didn’t feel motivated, or you just wanted to quit.

With the right stage presence coach, all that work will really pay off when you can walk onto the stage at your next competition feeling completely calm, relaxed, and confident in your stage presence.

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