One of best part of Shawn Couture Cuties (SCC) is watching our athletes strive and achieve their goals.  With each new goal reached, each competitor turns right around to set a new goal. It is a wonderful rotation of competition in which athletes succeed and grow into a cycle of conquering the stage at competition levels they once only imagined.

The last 90 days have been an amazing ride. The Master’s National was tears and cheers as I watched 13 cuties take the stage and walk away with 8 First Call outs-7 Trophies and 2 PRO Cards. From hair and makeup to competition suits to posing coaching, it was a busy weekend that paid off big as Shawn’s Couture Cuties dominated the stage. Add in amazing cutie performances at JR. Nationals and JR. USA’s and it’s been an amazing run of success

Of course, my heart swells with pride to know that three cuties conquered national level stages to take home trophies for their competition class and division with three cuties winning PRO Cards and all of them qualifying for the PRO Performer Giveaway earning a trip to the Las Vegas Olympia weekend and a Shawn’s Couture Cuties PRO sponsorship.

Shawn’s Couture Cuties Athletes Rise To The Top

So proud to celebrate the wins of these Shawn’s Couture Cuties athletes rise to the top of their field:

Kori Hassler – At the Jr. Nationals, Kori won her Class in the Bikini Division and her PRO Card in her SCC suit and posing.  Cutie Love Kori!  Way to rock the stage.

Kori Hassler wins Bikini Division on the JR Nationals stage to claim her PRO card.

Christie Bailey – At the Jr USA’s, Christie owned the stage for the Bikini Division winning her Class, her PRO Card, and Top 2 Overall in her SCC suit and posing.  Congratulations Christie for dominating the stage!

Christie Bailey wins Bikini Division on the JR USA's stage to take home her Class, PRO Card, and Top 2 Overall.

Deidre Garcia-Bondari – Competing in the Master’s National in the Bikini Division, Deidre was a force to be reckoned with her SCC suit, makeup and posing that won her Class and PRO Card.  Way to bring home the win Deidre!

Deidre Garcia-Bondari wins the Bikini Division and Class on the Master's National Stage to claim her PRO card.




As PPG Winners, each of these incredible athletes will receive SCC sponsorship and trip to the Olympia in Las Vegas!

What does that mean?  In short, it means we are invested in their success!

Our Super Star PRO Performers Will Receive FREE…

  • A PRO-Level Fully Encrusted Shawn’s Couture Cutie Competition Suit
  • Six PRO-Level Posing & Stage Presence Session
  • PRO-Level Hair & Makeup Consultation
  • A Full Complement of Beautiful Stage Jewelry (Earrings, Bracelet, and Ring)

I believe in every athlete that is a part of the SCC family so much that I invest in their next step to winning with our PPG Winner Program.

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