Want to be a winner, but you are not quite sure where to start?

Have you been watching the other athletes get top call-outs, but not quite sure how to up your game?

There is good news coming – the opening of Cuties Conquering the Stage 2017!


Do You Want Proof That Cuties Conquering The Stage Weekend Is For Winners?

We Are Not Scared to Put Our Results to The Test!  – READ TO THE END


Last year, our athletes were met with two days packed full of coaching about everything you need to conquer the stage with insider input and tips from the best the NPC & IFBB as to offer including 3x Mrs. Bikini Olympia Ashley Kaltwasser and many other amazing PROs, coaches, athletes, judges and industry professionals. The seminars included topics on:

  • How To Develop Confident Winning Stage Presence
  • How To Magnetize The Judges With Poses That Work For Your Physique
  • How To Design Hair And Makeup Looks That Compliment Your Face And Style
  • How To Formulate A Skincare Routine The Keeps Your Skin Glowing
  • How To Supplement Your Nutrition To Help Achieve Your Goals Quicker
  • How To Look Model Ready The Next Time You Do A Photo Shoot

As if CCTS 2016 was not jam packed with amazing coaching, teaching and fun, Cuties Conquering the Stage 2017 will take it to another level! A level that will help you tap into your inner winner by bringing everything that was good from 2016 and amp it up on rocket fuel so that 2017 prepares you even more.

As the 2017 CCTS looms, we are again hard at work attracting the top Olympians, PROS, Judges & Industry Authorities from the IFBB and NPC who know everything there is to know about the perfect presentation on stage and so much more.

HINT:  You are reading it here first…the 2017 Cuties Conquering the Stage will include jam-packed seminars with successful Olympians, Pro Bikini & Figure Athletes, National Level Judges, Top Image Stylist, Supplementation Experts, Industry Professionals and so much more from our exclusive sponsors.

BUT WAIT…There is More to The 2017 Cuties Conquering The Stage!

Don’t think that you get to sit in your seat all day….!  Coming in the door start your road to WORK! WORK! WORK!

Cuties Conquering the Stage 2016

Bring your show heels and stage attitude because you will be hitting our stage to get personalized feedback to help you fine tune your personal A-stage game.

Other seminars just suggest what you should do we show you and then have you do it!  CCTS 2017 ignites your potential with makeup sessions in which you practice your look and then get real-time feedback to help you improve your look.

Makeup Seminar for Shawns Couture Cuties

If you are seeking an event to tell you what you need to know and do to get those top call-outs and earn your PRO card, then Cuties Conquering the Stage 2017 is for you.

CCTS 2017 is partnering with the right experts and industry insiders that will get you competition ready and help you rise to the top.

Last year, we brought you amazing PROS, Olympians, and experts to help you improve and grow as a competitor, but this year we want to take it to a superstar level with a stellar lineup of speakers invested in one goal – help you improve and win!

And let me not forget, all work and no play make for a dull event. Be prepared to have a blast and develop long time relationships with amazing athletes and industry leaders!


Now Here’s The Proof : Cuties Conquering The Stage 2017 is a Weekend for Winners


We are proud that two of the attendees to CCTS 2016 took the tips and advice to heart to walk away with the ultimate prize: their PRO card.

Christie Bailey won her class, TOP 2 Overall, and her PRO card in the Bikini Division at the JR USA competition after her attendance at CCTS 2016.

Christie Bailey - Cutie Love

Deidre Garcia-Bondari won her class and her PRO card in the Bikini Division at the Master’s National.

Deidre - Cutie Love

Ready to win?  It all starts when you take the stage at Cuties Conquering the Stage 2017.

Calling all Cuties – Get your heels in gear and get ready to grab your spot on the stage!

Just imagine where you COULD be one year after attending CCTS 2017.  It’s time to stop dreaming and start winning…

Are You Ready to Win?  Then SAVE These Dates:

It all starts when you take the stage at Cuties Conquering the Stage on January 27-29, 2017.

Calling all Cuties – Get ready to grab your spot on the stage!  Registration starts on October 18, 2016.

So save these dates to all your gadgets, devices, and sticky notes because these are dates you will not want to miss.

AND if you want  to be  notified when registration opens then click on the link below enter your email and you

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