As always, the incredible outpouring of participation for the Cutie Challenge was incredible.  I am personally thankful for everyone who supported our First Annual Cutie Challenge.  For me, your involvement showed what teamwork is all about!  In this way, we were all winners!


The results are in, and there are TWO Cutie Challenge winners!

We are proud to formally announce that the winners are exceptional trainers Jason Fuller and Tammy Christman.


JASON FULLER – Jason’s results driven attitude showed up early in the Cutie Challenge and kept him on top of the leader board for the entire time.  Achieving Tier One quickly, Jason set a shining example of what happens with consistent hard work and focused goals.  Congratulations Jason – You win 4 Days & 3 Nights hotel stay during the Olympia Weekend in LAS VEGAS!  Great job Jason – I truly appreciate your efforts.

Meet Jason:

Tammy Chirstman - Team Warrior Within

TAMMY CHRISTMAN – True to form, Tammy showed that passion mixed with a positive mindset equals success.  Steadily gaining ground through the whole Cutie Challenge, Tammy qualified for her Tier One placement in the winner’s circle in style right at the end.  Congratulations Tammy – You win 4 Days & 3 Nights hotel stay during the Olympia Weekend in LAS VEGAS!  Way to go Tammy – I am grateful to have you on my side.

Meet Tammy:

It is often said that “water seeks its own level and rises collectively.”  The 2016 Cutie Challenge has shown me I am surrounded by incredible people who step up to make the most of every opportunity and help others do the same.  Each referral has been an amazing experience of welcoming new athletes into the Cutie Community.

Congratulations again Jason and Tammy!

Thank you again for all of your efforts, and I look forward to better things in 2017.