Confession time:  As you all know, every time one of my Cuties walks onto the stage, I am a mixture of excitement and anticipation.  It is such a reward to be their cheerleader in the crowd that wants the win ALMOST as much as they do!

I know the weeks of training, nutrition, and dedication to your sport that an athlete must have to be a winner.  It is a mental will to win and a physical drive to be the best that elevates athletes to the top of our sport.

There is nothing else like the moment when a Cutie wins her PRO Card.  It means that she has arrived in our sport to be recognized as a true professional competitor!

At the IFBB North American Championships last week, it was a double win as both Debra Rosado-Bohac and Samantha Towe both won the day.

Debra Rosado-Bohac

When Debra Rosado-Bohac competed in the IFBB North American Championships to win Figure Overall, Class, and her PRO Card, I was ecstatic to see her stage presence shine through like a champion.

Samantha Towe

Samantha Towe showed she was a winner by competing in the Figure Division for Win of Class and her PRO Card!

These two ladies held nothing back – and the winner emerged victorious.  Even as they took this giant step of winning their PRO Card and Conquering the Stage, it marks a milestone for the next step as a PPG winner.




As a suit and posing client of Shawn’s Couture Cuties, each athlete who wins a PRO card is rewarded with a yearly SCC sponsorship and a trip to the top of the mountain – Olympia in Las Vegas!

We believe in building in the next step for winners to reach for their own peak performance by setting a “what’s next” goal because it is not IF you WIN – it is WHEN you win…and when you win, we are ready to invest in your success.

Our Super Star PRO Performers Will Receive FREE each year you compete:

  • A PRO-Level Fully Encrusted Shawn’s Couture Cutie Competition Suit
  • Six PRO-Level Posing & Stage Presence Session
  • PRO-Level Hair & Makeup Consultation
  • A Full Complement of Beautiful Stage Jewelry (Earrings, Bracelet, and Ring)

When Shawn’s Couture Cuties who are PPG Winners hit Vegas, they are ready to take the next step in their IFBB PRO career!

We back up our confidence in all of our winners by sponsoring advancing their career!

It’s what winners do…. build more winners.

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