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13 08, 2015

How to Choose The Right Suit Color, Bling, and Connectors

By |2016-03-09T15:13:31-05:00August 13th, 2015|Competition Suits|Comments Off on How to Choose The Right Suit Color, Bling, and Connectors

In this brief video, I cover simple tips to help you select the right suit color, bling and connectors. No frills in this video, just a few hard and fast rules to stand by when making your next suit purchase. So if you're preparing for a show and want your Bikini or Figure competition suit to [...]

9 08, 2015

How Can Something as Simple as Your Suit Cut Affect Your Personal Style, Confidence, Stage Presence And Ultimately Your Placing?

By |2019-03-15T12:21:16-04:00August 9th, 2015|Competition Suits|4 Comments

How can something so routine as the cut of a competition suit affect so much? Similar to the foundation of a home the suit cut is the underpinning of your competition suit. Miss on that part and more likely than not you WILL create a cascading effect that may negatively influence your personal style, confidence, [...]

11 07, 2015

Do You Need Breast Implants to Compete in a Physique Competition?

By |2015-10-02T19:21:57-04:00July 11th, 2015|Competition Suits|4 Comments

In this two-minute video, I cover one of the most popular questions I hear over and over. Do I need to get breast implants to compete? Although I hear this question from both Figure and Bikini Competitors alike its the Bikini Competitors that are most concern about the decision. I cover not only this very [...]